Ryets Research

Inventing What’s Next.

We are leading the industry with cutting-edge research for vehicles inspection and transportation, we cover broad arevas of computer vision, machine learning, and metaheuristic.

Key Strength

Artificial Intelligence Automation

Our engineers provide automated robust solutions based on machine learning and computer vision, which maintain accuracy and increase efficiency.

Metaheuristic Problem Solving

Solving real-world problems drives us. In order to achieve a world-class performance, we utilize Combinatorial Optimization methods like Particle Swarm Optimization.

Continues Upgrades

Providing unique solutions for world’s problems don’t end! We rather keep optimizing and enhancing our solutions and explore more ways to stay up-to-date .

Our Products

Delivery Routes

Providing efficient results to highly complex routes, instantly and accurately, by utilizing the metaheuristic optimization algorithms.

Damage Detections

With machine learning technologies, we are not only providing a state-of-the-art solution for damage detections and classifications, but we are automating the entire process.

Vehicles Grading

the most essential out of the box solution for vehicles grading and pricing, using “Linear Regression using machine learning” based on the damages detected in any vehicle, and alongside with other factors such as year, make, model, options, color .. etc.

Latest Articles

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September 1, 2021

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June 29, 2021