Member Roles & Permissions

In INSPECT+, every person has a role, each with its own level of permissions and access.

Member Roles


An INSPECT+ workspace has a single Primary Owner. Only this person can create, edit and delete the workspace.


Workspace Owners can assign Workspace Admins. They help manage members and can perform other administrative tasks.


Members have access to use features in INSPECT+, except for those that are limited to only owners and admins, like adding or removing a member from your workspace.


Employees have limited access inside INSPECT+. Owners and admins can add them to one channel in INSPECT+

Member Permissions

Owner Admin Supervisor Employee
Create inspections
Share inspections
Export Inspections as PDF
Read other people's inspections
Edit other people's inspections
Delete other people's inspections
Read other people's clients
Edit other people's clients
Delete other people's clients
Read other people's documents
Edit other people's documents
Delete other people's documents
Send invites to new admins
Send invites to new supervisors
Send invites to new new employees
Change an admin’s role
Change an supervisor’s role
Change an employee’s role
Deactivate admins
Delete admins
Deactivate supervisors
Delete supervisors
Deactivate employees
Delete employees
Edit Workspace

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